Business Water - Are you being overcharged?

Business Water Rebates and Overcharging

If you believe you have been overcharged for your water, let DHS arrange an audit of your billing. We can provide 2 different levels of water audit.

Level 1 - Overcharges & Billing

The initial part of our water audit is free, at no cost to you. We simply analyse your water billing to achieve 100% accuracy between billing and site conditions. If your free audit discovers inaccuracies we can secure rebates and further savings year on year. Our broker fee is generated from a % of the savings. Our successes have recovered up to 6 years of overcharging, generating substantial rebates and a reduction in ongoing costs.

Level 2 - Water Consumption & Wastage

Once the initial water audit is complete and if you wish us to do so, we can conduct a consumption audit. This includes a thorough audit of your water use. This enables us to build a water consumption profile for your individual site.

Our water audit process can include some or all of the following and with your permission we undertake this at no cost to you. We may:

  • Invite a number of reputable suppliers to quote for the supply and installation of smart data loggers - one sensor for each water meter.
  • Evaluate their quotations and make recommendations to you.
  • Oversee the installation of the smart data loggers. (Normally the return on investment is less than 12 months)
  • Establish the actual consumption profile for your site by remote monitoring.
  • Analyse the data and deploy an expert to your site to investigate ways to reduce your water consumption and effluent production.
  • Oversee the implementation of their recommendations.

The water conservation measures we will consider include:

  • flow controls on toilets, taps and showers etc
  • rain water harvesting
  • use of water in production and cooling systems
  • leak detection
  • water pressure problems
  • water use in swimming pools

Water Meters
Do you have the correct meter size and type? Perhaps you pay on rateable value? Our audit calculations determine if you use the correct size of meter and we can arrange for a replacement to be fitted or recommend if you are better off paying on rateable value rather than on recurring charges for a meter.

We identify through bill analysis of water consumption data if you have a leak. A leak on 'your side' of the water meter can be very costly and we can often reclaim some or all of the extra charges. With Smart Data Loggers fitted you would receive a notification message immediately your consumption dramatically changed thereby identifying a leak before it becomes costly.

To proceed with either level of audit please see details of the process below:

  • Level 1: Simply provide us with one years' billing for audit to ensure you're not being overcharged or paying for services you don't receive or no longer receive. We may make a brief visit to site. If we identify billing anomalies we will use the authority given to us in a Letter of Authority to negotiate with your supplier and recover all overpayments. We also maximise and secure retrospective rebates to ensure the best result for you. Future bills would therefore be reduced.
  • Level 2 (optional): Do you have avoidable waste? We conduct a technical site audit (very little time is taken up for onsite personnel) and produce a detailed report which highlights the areas where maximum savings can be made and water consumption lowered. Very often clients find this can be funded by the savings they've made from Stage 1 and therefore the project becomes self financing.
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